About Camp

What is West Coast Grace Youth Camp all about?

That is a great question, but not an easy one to answer. Sure, I could just tell you that we have been hosting this camp program for over over 40+ years and quote to you our Mission Statement and leave it at that:

Our Mission: To reach unsaved kids for Christ and impact the lives of all kids toward growth and maturity in their life (walk) with Jesus Christ.

That is the “why” we do Camp, but not the “how” we get it done.

Camp is designed to give you a great time while helping you get to know God better. You’ll learn more about the Bible and what God expects from you! Not to mention the great friends you will have…not just for the summer, but for the rest of your life. This camp is organized by a group of churches who are affiliated with the Grace Gospel Fellowship. All of the counselors and staff are hand picked by the pastor’s and camp representative’s of the churches in our region.

WCGYC is a melding of three camps running simultaneously for one week. We provide a Junior Camp (Grades 4-6), a Jr. High Camp (Grades 7-9) and a Sr. High Camp (Grades 10-12) and our College Program. There are times of shared worship and fellowship but each program runs independently.

We offer a wide range of activities including…

Swimming, archery, rifle range, zip line, team competitions, Mountain Man and Mountain Gal contests, crafts, Frisbee golf, basketball and volleyball tournaments, ping pong, horseshoes and hiking!

At the rifle range, bb guns are free and 22 rifles (12 or older) have an extra fee.

We do have a Clay pigeon range w/ single shot shotguns! This activity will be supervised be an NRA certified instructor with a cost for the rounds. This activity is limited to Senior High students only.