Last Counselor & Staff Morning Meeting of 2014

Every morning at camp, all the counselors and staff meet at 7:15 for a devotion, sharing stories and prayer requests, and a time of prayer.  Today was the last one where many counselors shared about the answers to prayer that happened during the week and the decisions that campers made to either accept salvation for the first time or to dedicate their lives to service to God.

Everyone was reminded again of the importance to bring “camp” down the mountain to friends and family and to not lose sight of goals that were set this week.

Thank you, Lord, for this camp ministry and the immense impact it has on these young people.

Thursday Night Worship

In the middle of the worship music led by Mike McFadden, John Spooner gave a powerful devotion along with an invitation to accept Christ’s salvation.  There were hands raised, tears fallen, and groups praying for each other afterwards.

The Holy Spirit was definitely at work tonight!  Praise God for the campers’ decisions made tonight and this week!