Packing up, heading home

It’s been a great week up here at WCGYC 2015!  Thank you to everyone who helped to send campers this year and to all of you who have been praying for us all week.

About 20 campers accepted Christ’s gift of salvation for the first time this week! Praise the Lord! It would have been well worth all of it if there was just one!

Please pray for safe travels home today.

Thursday Camp Update

Don’t worry, none of our campers got to ride the helicopter to the hospital. Today, one of the Palomar staff members had a medical issue. Most of our camp watched the helicopter land and take off from the game field while we had a big group prayer huddle for the individual who needed medical help.

Anyway, to update you all on the activities of yesterday (Thursday), we had the Mountain Man and Mountain Gal competitions, a great Tank Wars battle, and finished the night with the annual Thursday Night Worship event.

We celebrate several more decisions for Christ that happened at the Worship Night as the senior high Bible speaker, Caleb Combs, delivered a powerful gospel message and invitation in between the singing.

Now today is the last day of camp and we’ll be coming home tomorrow. Continue to pray for the campers because we know God still has a lot left to do tonight.

Flips and Flops: Wednesday Update from WCGYC

Here’s an update on our Wednesday at WCGYC 2015.

We had dodge ball and ga-ga ball tournaments and the big belly flop competition. Brothers Adam and Christian Brey from Phoenix went head-to-head in an epic final flop-off with Christian claiming the championship. Meanwhile, 3rd place Garrett Parker from Phoenix won over the crowd with his “flipper flop” move.

We’re also celebrating a few more campers who made decisions yesterday to accept Christ as their savior. Praise the Lord, and pray that he continues to work in the lives of those of us up here on the mountain.

Camp Photo: Find Your Kid(s)

Tuesday was another great day at WCGYC 2015.  We took the camp photos (silly version showing here), had some great Bible workshops, held sports tournaments, and went on the night hike for a time of acoustic worship in the meadow along with a moving devotional by director Mike McFadden under the stars.

Counselors’ prayer requests are increasing as the are getting to know their campers better and as the campers are being presented with the truth of God’s Word. Please continue to pray! Continue reading Camp Photo: Find Your Kid(s)

The Fog is Lifting on WCGYC 2015

Monday was a day jam packed with Bible times, devotions, worship, and games involving throwing colored oatmeal at each other.

While fog rolled in and out of the camp all day long, we’ve seen the fog lift in campers as many have opened up to their counselors seeking to learn more about this Jesus who we desperately need.

Pray for God to work through the counselors to show the love of God to these campers whether that leads them to salvation or challenges them to deepen their faith and dedicate their lives to God.

Monday Morning at WCGYC

Yesterday, all 217 campers, counselors, and staff made it up to Palomar safely.

It was the first time ever that it was raining on the first day of camp. Luckily the forecast looks nice for the rest of the week.

Pray for us as we start doing camp on this beautiful Monday morning. Pray for the relationships that are beginning. Pray for hearts open to God’s truth.